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    Lucian appeared in every single LCS, LEC game during 2022 Summer Split opening weekends

    The recent durability changes in League of Legends have made a strong impact on professional play, particularly in the ADC role. Yet one ADC is flourishing even more with a certain support pairing, making him an omnipresent part of the pick/ban phase in many major regions.

    Lucian appeared in every single game of the LCS and LEC in their 2022 Summer Split opening super weekends, whether he was picked or banned.

    In the three games he was played in the LCS he had a 100-percent win rate. He won one of two in the LEC. The popularity of this champion has soared in all of the major regions internationally due to his synergy with Nami, who was picked each time Lucian was—whether that be with him or against him. Nami was not picked a single time Lucian was not in a game.

    Taking Electrocute on Nami allows her to proc the keystone when using her E, which empowers three basic attacks and abilities of an ally. This allows Lucian to jump straight into combat and dish tremendous burst damage from low levels on.

    The champion is still strong without Nami, though does not thrive as easily.

    In all of the major regions, including the LCK and LPL, Lucian boasts above a 90-percent pick/ban rate, with the sample size of his win rates being so small due to how often he is banned. While Lucian’s basic attack and Q damage are set to be nerfed in Patch 12.12, it is unlikely fans will see less Lucian in these regions anytime soon.

    There are certainly other viable ADC options, as seen with picks like Ezreal, Draven, and Twitch, though the combination of Lucian and Nami makes for one of the most oppressive bot lanes possible.

    In the LCS, Zeri and Senna were also present in every game. Wukong rose to 100-percent pick/ban in the LEC thanks to the recent buffs in the jungle. Similar to Lucian, these three champs were nearly all banned more than they were picked, resulting in skewed win rates that will likely change as Summer rolls on.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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