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    Lovecraft’s The Dreams in the Witch House Game Coming in 2023

    Finnish one-man game studio Atom Brain Games has announced its debut game, The Dreams in the Witch House, slated for release in early 2023. An adventure game based on a Lovecraft story.

    In the game, the player must survive the night terrors for two months and finally face the May Day witchcraft ritual. The game combines RPG and open world elements with the traditional adventure game genre. The world is alive, and the gameplay is non-linear. Many elements are randomly generated, so each playthrough will be different.

    “When I re-read Lovecraft’s Dreams in a Witch’s House a few years ago, I quickly realized that it was perfect for a survival adventure. Unlike my previous attempts to develop a video game, this time my motivation was very strong as I liked the source material,” says developer Antti Laakso.

    Antti is not only a passionate admirer of Lovecraft, but also a creative center. In addition to co-directing the award-winning short film HP Lovecraft Film Festival Sound from the Deep, working as a director, animator and teacher, he is now a game developer. To create the game’s spooky atmosphere, Antti teamed up with another Lovecraftian fan favorite: Troy Sterling Nice, who composed the game’s soundtrack.

    As seen on PlayGround

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