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    Lovecraftian time-loop adventure Slay the Princess announced

    Black Tabby Games has announced its second game, Slay the Princess, a daring tragicomedy in the horror genre. In this fully voiced role-playing game, a mysterious voice instructs the player to kill a princess imprisoned in a hut hidden deep in the forest. The voice claims that if the player fails to complete their task, the princess will cause the world to end.

    Along the way, players will die a lot. And every time they die, the game starts all over again, only things are a little different. The hut is different; the princess is different; even the voices in the player’s head are different. Everyone except the narrator remembers everything that happened.

    At its core, Slay the Princess is a game about choices and how our perceptions shape the world around us. Who the player wants to believe and how they react to new information drastically changes the direction of the story, including changing the princess herself.

    The Slay the Princess demo is due for release on August 1st, 2022 on Steam.


    • Time Loops: Depending on the playthrough, death is not always the end of the road for players as they get another chance to go through the time loops. These time loops help tell the story by giving the player the opportunity to uncover the reason they have to kill the princess.
    • Multiple Endings: Enjoy the replay value of almost ten different endings.
    • Stunning visuals: Detailed images created by award-winning Abby Howard from The Last Halloween, Crossroads at Midnight, The Land Before Us and more.
    • Voice acting: Voice actors Jonathan Sims and Nicole Goodnight provide the voices of the Narrator and the Princess, helping to bring the story to life.

    As seen on PlayGround

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