Localizers Hit New Low


Localizers look worse than ever now

The State of Localizers: A Closer Look at Recent Events

As events continue to unfold in the world of anime localization and dubbed gaming, viewers find themselves confronted with controversial and unsettling video content. With a focus on localizer corruption, @_Hero_Hei_ takes a deep dive into a clip of a panel session featuring a popular voice actress, Jamie Marky. Marky, who has also worked as an ADR director and scriptwriter for Funimation, comes under fire for her response to criticism about the company’s dub scripts.

A Shocking Response

The now-viral clip showcases Marky’s unsettling reaction to criticisms of Funimation’s dub scripts, particularly the infamous Dragon Maid clip. Her response, laced with inappropriate sexual references and accusations of anyone raising concerns as being misogynistic or Nazi, has left many in disbelief and questioning the professionalism of the localizing industry.

What amplifies the severity of her response is her reluctance to apologize or change her approach to localization, as highlighted by a recent retweet of her stance in 2019. This lack of growth or acknowledgement of past actions has only fueled further outrage among the community.

Localizers Hit New Low

Trails of Cold Steel Controversy

The video content takes an even more jaw-dropping turn with the inclusion of another recording involving Nissa localizers admitting to omitting or altering Japanese jokes they find offensive, aiming to cater to a chosen cultural appropriateness. This further highlights the questionable practices within the localization realm and adds to the growing list of incidents that have shaken the community.

Engaging the Community

Understanding the complexity of the topic, @_Hero_Hei_ shares that the coverage of these events is spurred by a desire to bring transparency to the situation. Through compiling a playlist of past segments and discussions on the subject, there’s a push to both inform and educate newcomers while ensuring those familiar with the issues remain updated.

It’s this dedication to presenting a well-rounded understanding of the state of localizers that has resonated with many viewers, prompting a positive reception of @_Hero_Hei_’s content.

Moving Forward

The latest developments in the localizer debate have presented a complex web of discussions and controversies. As @_Hero_Hei_ continues to navigate these issues, the engagement of supporters and the broader community serves as a testament to the impact of highlighting such crucial subjects.

In the face of these challenging topics, the commitment to shedding light on localizer corruption and the desire for change is a positive and hopeful step forward for the anime and gaming community.

Localizers Hit New Low

With the unwavering support of engaged audiences, @_Hero_Hei_ wraps up the segment, expressing gratitude and requesting viewers’ continued participation through feedback and engagement.

Localizers Hit New Low