Localizers Exposed in Epic Lie


Localizers got caught in a very embarrassing lie

Localizers CAught in a Very Embarrassing Lie: Rhapsody a Musical Adventure

News has just broke of localizers being caught in a very embarrassing lie. The game Rhapsody a Musical Adventure has been at the center of this controversy, which was reported on by Censored Gaming.

Trying to Break the Fourth Wall

Censored Gaming’s video discusses the game Rhapsody a Musical Adventure and goes on to point out a specific chain of dialogue where localizers attempted to break the fourth wall. They gave viewers a clunky translation and then left a note that says “This is what happens when you do a direct translation,” except as Censored Gaming shows, that’s actually a lie.

Uncovering the Truth

Censored Gaming revealed that the localizer seemingly intentionally made the alleged “direct translation” more clunky to deceive people. They posted four images showing the original text and the supposed “direct translation,” which actually turned out to be far from accurate.

Localizers Exposed in Epic Lie

Community Reaction

In response to Censored Gaming’s video, fans had a mixed reaction. Most were bewildered at the localizers’ attempt to make a joke about translation while lying about it in the process. Some even questioned the localizers’ professionalism and intentions behind such a move.

Looking at the Bright Side

Despite this controversy, some fans found humor in the situation and others saw it as a quirky addition to the game, reminiscent of other Disgaea games. Ultimately, community members appreciated the discussion this sparked and the opportunity to engage with fellow fans.

As always, the gaming industry is full of interesting developments. Let’s stay positive and continue to enjoy the world of gaming together!

Localizers Exposed in Epic Lie