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    List of weapons “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II”

    Dataminers continue to gradually examine Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile files for data related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This time they managed to find information about the arsenal of the upcoming project from Infinity Ward. We immediately warn you that this is an incomplete list of weapons, since at the moment most of the names could not be deciphered.

    Automatic rifles

    • M4A1


    • AK-105

    • PP-19 “Vityaz” (possibly referring to submachine guns)

    • SCAR-H

    • AK-74

    • M13

    • FAL


    Five more undeciphered.

    Submachine guns

    • MP5

    • AR-57

    • PP19 Bizon

    • SIG-Sauer MPX

    • MP7

    • P90

    • Uzi

    • Fennec

    Two more undeciphered.


    • M1014

    Two more undeciphered.

    machine guns

    • RAAL

    • Bruen MK9

    • IWI Negev

    Four more undeciphered.

    Sniper rifles

    • AX-50

    Two more undeciphered.


    • SIG Sauer P220

    •Desert Eagle

    Two more undeciphered.


    • RPG-7

    • Javelin (JOKR)

    • PILA

    Two more undeciphered.

    Infantry rifles

    • M14

    • M24

    • M2010

    Five more undeciphered.

    It is not certain that all of the above will be included in the release version of the game, so we strongly recommend that you treat this information as a rumor.

    As seen on PlayGround

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