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    LilyPichu leaves Twitch in favor of deal with YouTube

    LilyPichu today joined a slowly growing number of content creators to make the move to YouTube, leaving Twitch.

    In an announcement video posted on Twitter, the member of OfflineTV, known for her content in art and music, sat in front of two buttons—one red and one purple. The buttons represented YouTube and Twitch, respectively.

    Unable to make the “big decision” for herself, she put one purple and one red bowl out for one of her dogs to choose from. When the dog chose the red bowl with a cake decorated with a YouTube logo, Lily simply said “good decision.”

    Lily’s first YouTube stream will be tomorrow on her channel, The announcement did not specify an exact time for her stream.

    Lily had been hinting at some sort of announcement in recent days with Twitter posts suggesting that she was counting down to something. The move by Lily makes her among a handful of popular creators who have left Twitch for YouTube, the most recent of whom was Sykkuno in May.

    Along with the OTV members, a slew of other creators had already made the move including TimTheTatman, DrLupo, Valkyrae, and CouRage. While Dr Disrespect streams exclusively on YouTube now, his move was forced following an indefinite suspension by Twitch for reasons that have still not been disclosed.

    On Twitch, Lily has averaged 5,508 viewers so far this year with a peak of 32,137 and 2.9 million hours watched in total, according to Streams Charts. She does a wide variety of content on the platform, with no one game representing even a third of her 531 hours of total airtime in 2022. Her most played game is VALORANT with 145.5 hours of airtime and she’s spent 107.5 hours in Just Chatting. There are 28 different categories that she has streamed in for more than two hours this year.

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