Level Up Your Game: Essential Upgrades to Dominate


Pacific Drive: 8 Crucial Upgrades You Need to Get First

Pacific Drive: Upgrade Your Vehicle for Survival

In the treacherous world of Pacific Drive, the Olympic Exclusion Zone presents a myriad of dangers that can leave even the most seasoned drivers on edge. To navigate this hazardous environment, having a well-equipped vehicle is of utmost importance. Once you complete your first real drive, you’ll gain access to the Fabricator, a device that allows you to craft essential upgrades to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities.

1. Side Rack

Found under the expansion rack tab, the Side Rack enables you to mount various items on the rear side windows of your vehicle. This upgrade is not only practical but also serves as the foundation for other essential upgrades.

2. Side Storage

Under the car storage tab, the Side Storage upgrade provides you with additional space to store vital resources and loot. In a game driven by crafting and resource gathering, this upgrade will help you stockpile essential items for your journey.

Level Up Your Game: Essential Upgrades to Dominate

3. Hand-Vac

Located in the survival tools tab, the Hand-Vac is a convenient tool that allows you to quickly collect scattered resources from wrecked cars and other objects. This time-saving device streamlines the resource collection process, making your scavenging efforts more efficient.

4. Anchor Radar

For better navigation in the dark, the Anchor Radar, found in the survival tools tab, helps you locate anchors marked on your car’s GPS. This upgrade illuminates the area and identifies nearby anchors, making it easier to find your way through challenging terrain.

5. Relightable Flare

Enhance your visibility during nighttime exploration with the Relightable Flare from the light tab. Unlike traditional road flares, this upgrade can be toggled on and off, providing a reliable light source as you navigate dark environments.

6. Offroad Tires

Conquer rough terrain with ease by equipping your vehicle with Offroad Tires. Available in the wheels tab, these tires offer improved traction and maneuverability, perfect for off-roading adventures and exploring rugged landscapes.

7. Steel Bumper

Protect your vehicle from collisions and impacts with the durable Steel Bumper, located in the car body tab. This essential upgrade minimizes damage during accidental collisions, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition even in challenging driving conditions.

Level Up Your Game: Essential Upgrades to Dominate

8. Large Fuel Can

Extend your driving range and fuel capacity with the Large Fuel Can upgrade. Available in the fuel tab, this upgrade allows you to carry more fuel, reducing the frequency of refueling stops and providing added peace of mind during long journeys.

By prioritizing these crucial upgrades, you can enhance your vehicle’s capabilities and increase your chances of survival in the unforgiving world of Pacific Drive. Make sure to equip your vehicle with these essential enhancements to navigate the Olympic Exclusion Zone with confidence!

For more tips and tricks on how to navigate the challenges of Pacific Drive, visit IGN for additional insights and game-related content. Buckle up and embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the exclusion zone!

Drive on, adventurer, and may your vehicle be equipped for every challenge that comes your way!

Level Up Your Game: Essential Upgrades to Dominate