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    Legends of Runeterra Seasonal tournament broadcasts return

    Riot Games has reinstated broadcasts for Legends of Runeterra Seasonal tournaments, starting with the upcoming A Curious Journey Seasonal. 

    The upcoming A Curious Journey Seasonal tournament for Legends of Runeterra will have a broadcast, following feedback from the community after Riot had said the broadcasts were getting removed in February. Support for the A Curious Journey Seasonal broadcasts will remain the same, according to Riot. And future broadcasts will likely get supported via third partners as the team seeks out ways to keep coverage going. 

    “Our regional teams are working on ways to continue to support Seasonal Tournament broadcasts beyond A Curious Journey through local broadcast partners or other third parties,” Riot said. “These broadcasts will look different from what folks have seen so far, but we’re excited to explore new ways to deliver Seasonal Tournament broadcasts, and we’ll keep everyone updated as these plans come together.”

    Action for the A Curious Journey Seasonals begins on May 7 with the Last Chance Gauntlet followed by a Master’s Cut on May 12. The open rounds will then kick off on May 14 and the playoffs are scheduled to take place on May 21. 

    Prior to the LoR World Championship being held later this year, there are a total of three Seasonal tournaments set to take place after A Curious Journey. Players can earn a ticket to LoR Worlds via Ranked points on the ladder, Seasonal tournament points, and by finishing in the top four of a Seasonal tournament. 

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