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    Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.9 resolves multiple bugs, preparing for Patch 3.10

    Riot Games is set to drop Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.9, a small update containing only bug fixes as the team prepares for Patch 3.10. 

    Patch 3.9 is scheduled to hit the live servers tomorrow, June 15. It’s an LoR update focusing on a large number of bugs that have plagued the meta since the Worldwalker expansion launch. The patch contains over a dozen bug fixes as the team prepares for the huge 3.10 update that is slated to take place soon. No official release date for that patch has been revealed by Riot at time of writing. 

    Patch 3.10 is slated to have 40 individual card nerfs and buffs, along with system changes and functional adjustments to Disintegrate. Tomorrow’s update will focus on the resolution of bug fixes that pave the way for the upcoming adjustments and contain several new personalizations that include the 2022 Pride content.

    Patch 3.09 bug fixes

    At the front and center of the Patch 3.09 bug fixes is the resolution to the Path of Champions returning player bug. Players who have not logged in since the Worldwalker expansion update will no longer get forced to play PoC first. 

    • The game will no longer crash when Jhin’s Lotus Trap is activated at the same time as Manasoul Student’s Magic Embers.
    • The LoR team changed the paraphrasing on Falling Comet and Crumbling Sands to have the ability to target all units.
    • All Tellstone spell cards will now have a consistent rarity. 
    • Any units obliterated by Xerath at level three will no longer count towards Vladimir’s level-up progression.
    • Gnar’s level-up tracking will no longer display at the incorrect time
    • A buff from Petrice Stag will persist once the supported unit leaves combat after casting Out of the Way.
    • Revived Shark Chariots will revive other Shark Chariots upon attacking.
    • Players can now block properly when Snapjaw Swarm attacks.
    • Illaoi level two will now heal the strongest Tentacle before gaining her stats from the Tentacle. 
    • Text on Bard will now appear as it was meant to, without formatting issues.
    • A visual bug causing champion fragment balance to get displayed higher than the total earned has been resolved.
    • Champion powers will no longer display different rarities on different screens.
    • Path of Champion rewards will no longer appear small on the screen.
    • Worldbreaker Maokai’s Sapling will no longer display the wrong art.
    • Issues with cards not advancing properly in the Action Log have been resolved.
    • General animation and timing issues were resolved.
    • Several UI and UX visual bugs were resolved to improve overall gameplay clarity. 

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