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    Legends of Runeterra community supports Amwe following allegations against Swimstrim

    Multiple individuals from the Legends of Runeterra community came forward today in support of LevianthanTLG streamer Amwe after she went public with sexual and mental abuse allegations against her former boyfriend and Evil Geniuses LoR streamer, Sean “Swimstrim” Huguenard.

    The allegations bought forth by Amwe include sexual pressure. According to the streamer, Swim exposed himself repeatedly after being told multiple times to stop. She says he emotionally abused and manipulated her, and gaslit her over her eating disorder.

    Amwe also claimed he regularly used drugs, including LSD and amphetamines.

    “I am not here to talk about how bad he was at being a boyfriend, as he seemed to have claimed many times on Twitch and Twitter. It’s ok to just be a bad partner. Trust me, there is a lot I’m keeping from posting in this paper because this is just private and will remain because there is no need to share,” Amwe said. “I’m speaking my truth because I have been manipulated, gaslighted, used and abused in some ways, and even if it was only for a few months, I am still dealing with a lot of damages still.”

    Prior to today’s reports, Swim streamed twice on April 10, vaguely talking about a former partner who was trying to “cancel him.” Both VODs were later taken down. 

    In those VODs, Swim mentioned Amwe by name, along with another popular streamer, Silverfuse, going as far as banning Silverfuse in chat while the stream was live. 

    In response to Swim’s stream, Amwe released a 43-page document via Twitter, along with several other creators coming forward with allegations of verbal, mental, and sexual abuse inflicted on them by the former Gwent pro.

    This included a number of Twitlongers and threads from Silverfuse, Kelly/Callonetta, Jaggerouos, and Larissa “puffballpanda,” along with others in the community—including Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero, Lorraine Wilson, Wick, Joeysticks, and Darick “Charm3R” Oswalt—stating their support.

    Other reports contained issues regarding ghostwriting LoR articles for Swim and outstanding payments for services that were rendered by Silverfuse. Also revealed today were a handful of direct messages sent from Swim to Silverfuse, totaling 3,000 plus words over the course of three days, according to Silverfuse, in an attempt to keep the allegations from going public. 

    “I am outraged and sick to my stomach and feel like he tried to control the potential damage of me going public with my story,” Amwe said. “He also brought it up before I was even feeling ready to do it, and this is so unfair.”

    Swim has yet to respond to the allegations made after his recent stream. Dot Esports has reached out to Swim for comment. He has not responded at time of writing.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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