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    Leaks in The Last of Us remake and other Naughty Dog games are blamed on studio partners, not the development team

    After leaks the first gameplay of The Last of Us remake, many players and journalists began to blame the employees of the Naughty Dog studio. Gamers were dissatisfied with the quality of the game’s gameplay, which they saw in a low-resolution video, and the media began to spin the topic that employees allegedly do not adhere to information security rules or leak old project records themselves. The situation was decided to comment on the main environment artist at Naughty Dog Anthony Vaccaro, revealing the true culprit of all the leaks.

    As the developer notes, Naughty Dog has never been the author of leaks, even by accident. According to Vaccaro, the team is well aware of the dangers of early leaks. In addition, many employees are greatly demoralized by such leaks from unknown people. Vaccaro claims that outside partners are the main culprit behind all leaks.

    Naughty Dog is forced to work with different companies, especially in the field of marketing and promotion. This leads to leaks that the developers themselves cannot physically stop.

    As seen on PlayGround

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