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    Launched a new tactical online action RAM Pressure Under Fire

    The 4Game platform introduced users to RAM Pressure Under Fire, a tactical multiplayer game with a turn-based combat system and many modes, including multiplayer with clans.

    Players will find themselves in a harsh Sci-Fi universe where they will have to lead squads of mercenaries, recruit them, look for places where alien artifacts have fallen, deliver what they have found to customers, uncover government conspiracies and fight competitors.

    The main feature of RAM Pressure Under Fire is the limitless number of tactical situations that the player will have to face. When planning a battle, the squad will have to take into account many factors: the mechanics of cover and flank attacks, destructible environments, changing weather conditions and time of day, as well as the skills of the fighters in the squad.

    Mercenaries in the game are divided into 3 groups (basic, professional and elite) and more than 10 classes. They can get more than 100 different skills, learn special directions, modify weapons and armor, so it is almost impossible to meet two identical fighters in the game. And the main condition for victory in RAM Pressure Under Fire is the ability to take into account all the conditions on the playing field, carefully think over the strategy and clearly plan your actions.

    In RAM Pressure Under Fire, everyone will find a game mode to their liking. In PVP mode, you can try out 1v1 rating battle, 2v2 inter-clan battle and alien skirmish. Do not want to communicate with other players? No problem: the PVE section has a story mode, as well as survival and object defense modes.

    In a word, it will be interesting to play both singles and fans of team matches, and excellent graphics will be the icing on this delicious gaming cake. The RAM Pressure Under Fire project has already started on the Fogame platform.

    You can play for free, and regular support and maintenance of the project will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.

    As seen on PlayGround

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