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    Kojima praises the third season of The Boys

    A week ago, the final eighth episode of the third season of The Boys was released. Critics and viewers were pleased with the continuation of the sensational show, prompting the creators to begin filming the fourth season in August. The famous Japanese developer Hideo Kojima, who was also delighted with the series, also managed to appreciate the superhero satire. Impressed, the creator of Metal Gear even decided to buy himself a Hawaiian shirt like those worn by Billy Butcher.

    This is how Kojima described the third season:

    Season 3 of The Boys is amazing! Best drama of the year! Reminds me of Breaking Bad. It started out as a black comedy, but with each season it got more extreme and raised more and more serious questions.

    The series touched on the topics of race, ethnicity, inequality, gender, democracy, social networks, the gun society, the military-industrial complex, the USA and our heroes!!!

    And now you can check out Kojima’s new outfit:

    As seen on PlayGround

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