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    Koch Media changes name to Plaion

    Koch Media GmbH has announced that as of today, all of the company’s businesses will undergo a complete rebranding, changing their name to Plaion and adopting a completely new logo.

    Plaion is a globally active publisher and parent company of Deep Silver, Prime Matter and Ravensocurt. In 2018, when it was still called Koch Media, it was acquired by the Embracer Group.

    As a clear reference to the “play” button that embraces the entire digital entertainment universe, the new name and logo, according to an official press release issued by the company, best expresses and represents Plaion’s involvement and commitment to the broader multimedia ecosystem in which it operates.

    “Over the past 28 years, we have built an incredibly strong business by partnering with many of the biggest names in the industry,” said Clemens Kundratitz, co-founder and CEO of Plaion. “Since joining the Embracer Group in 2018, our growth has accelerated and we have become increasingly multi-layered to reflect the changing nature of our business, not only in terms of content, but also geography as we continue to expand globally. We have chosen a new name to better represent who we are and what journey we are on.”

    Our new name gives us the opportunity to build on our rich history as a publishing partner and our exceptional and growing network of development studios around the world, continue to provide premium services to our partners, highlight our ambitions as a global entertainment player, and rediscover myself. Our goal is to support and inspire our teams and partners around the world, unlocking their full potential.

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