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    Kevin Smith stands up for Marvel films

    Director and actor Kevin Smith (“Clerks”) spoke about the attitude towards the projects of Marvel Studios and explained where the critical statements about them come from respected directors – for example, Martin Scorsese.

    “You ask the guy who made The Goodfellas what he thinks about Spider-Man, what else do you want in return? He is a serious director, a man of a certain age who is fixated on his own. You should not be surprised by his reaction, ”Smith said in an interview with Forbes.

    That kind of criticism can be avoided by asking directors better questions, Smith says. He also added that he wants to achieve peaceful coexistence of all genres:

    “No one takes away your pleasure. For every older filmmaker who doesn’t understand, there are plenty of younger directors who understand and want to shoot this. We shouldn’t ostracize people who don’t like the same films that we do.”

    Smith will return to cinema in the fall with Clerks 3. The first trailer for the film was released last week.

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