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    Juanflatroo calls out ECSTATIC for allegedly cheating in CS:GO matches

    Bad News Eagles’ rifler Flatron “juanflatroo” Halimi celebrated his squad’s 2-0 victory against European CS:GO team ECSTATIC today in REPUBLELEAGUE season three in a different manner. Instead of just tweeting the usual “GGs,” the Albanian implied that his opponents may have been cheating in official matches.

    BNE defeated ECSTATIC today after back-to-back losses in past weeks and juanflatroo thanked REPUBLEAGUE for hosting the game on a server with an anti-cheat. “I swear it felt like playing a whole different team in an anti-cheat server,” the Albanian rifler said on Twitter. “Thanks to REPUBLEAGUE for making it possible. I think this should concern many tier two teams, however, we will take the win against ECSTATIC this time, GG’s.”

    It didn’t take long for someone on ECSTIC’s side to reply to juanflatroo’s accusations. The Dutch player of ECSTATIC Dion “FASHR” Derksen called the BNE rifler “cringe” for tweeting that, which led to a public discussion. “Having the balls to speak up what I feel like doesn’t mean I’m cringe, GG’s anyways,” juanflatroo answered.

    FASHR proceeded to say it was “super disrespectful” and that professional players should respect each other when there’s no clear evidence of cheating, to which juanflatroo replied that a lot of players came to him with suspicions regarding ECSTATIC’s play.

    “Ain’t nobody judging you directly, but having more than 20 to 30 plus tier two players who came to me personally with the same suspicion but didn’t have the balls to speak up, I felt like I will talk in the name of everyone,” juanflatroo said. “But sure, let’s set up a meeting I wanna hear your side of the coin.”

    After the two players argued, a REPUBLEAGUE official joined the thread and said that the anti-cheat was used in earlier matches of the tournament as well. One of the times ECSTATIC beat BNE was in the Group A upper bracket final of the competition on June 12.

    The discussion between juanflatroo and FASHR sparked different reactions from the community and a part of it insulted ECSTATIC. The two players talked privately after and seemingly made amends.

    “[I] had a small talk with juanflatroo about the situation, we probably understand each other a little more now. Thanks for having me. GG and good luck,” FASHR wrote on Twitter. Juanflatroo retweeted and said that everyone has the right to have suspicions but there’s no bad blood between them.

    “At the end of the day we’re professionals and should respect each other as human beings and there’s no bad blood going on around,” juanflatroo said. “Everyone has the right to have his suspicions. To all the fans, we would be more than grateful if there would be no insults/hatred comments.”

    Even though the two players made amends, juanflatroo has not taken down the tweets in which he accused ECSTATIC. The European roster are currently 29th in the world, according to HLTV’s ranking, while BNE are ahead in 21st.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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