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    jRPG Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 announced

    CyberConnect2 has officially announced Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2. No platforms or release date have been announced. More details will be announced on July 28th.

    The original Fuga: Melodies of Steel is out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 29, 2021 worldwide. The demo, which includes the first three chapters of the game, is already available on all platforms.

    CyberConnect2 will also be hosting a special “Fuga: Melodies of Steel 1st Anniversary Special Broadcast” on July 28 at 14:00 UTC, which you can watch at YouTube. The broadcast will discuss CyberConnect2’s experience as a first publisher from inception to launch and first anniversary. Hosts include executive producer Hiroshi Matsuyama and Fuga: Melodies of Steel producer Tetsuya Murakami.

    Visit the Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 teaser site here: English, Japanese.

    As seen on PlayGround

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