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    Jamie Lee Curtis Says Borderlands Movie Is Coming In 2024

    In the film adaptation of Borderlands, Jamie Lee Curtis will play the role of Dr. Patricia Tannis, a character who has appeared in several games in the series. Despite her scientific prowess, Tannis is somewhat eccentric and struggles to keep her sanity after her adventures as a Vault Hunter on Pandora.

    In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Curtis confirmed that some elements of her character from the games will continue in the film, including the fact that she has autism. Curtis also praised the film, saying that it is “a bit overworked, quite wild, hilarious”.

    She has autism. She is a strange woman who has an object sexuality when she falls in love with inanimate objects. She’s a character who knew Cate Blanchett’s mother, which is why I’m doing the film. I am a link to Kate’s early past.

    At the moment, the release date of the film Borderlands has not been determined, but Curtis believes that it will be released in 2024

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