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    James Cameron hints that Avatar 2 will be three hours long

    James Cameron, whose Avatar sequel is set to release this December, has hinted at a timeline for his potential blockbuster – yet to be officially announced.

    In an interview with Empire magazine, which also published new footage from the tape, he responded in advance to critics who, according to Cameron’s forecast, may begin to “whine” because of the length of the second “Avatar”.

    “I don’t want to hear whining about how long the movie is, considering they’re capable of eight hours of TV. I can already write that part of the review: ‘An excruciatingly long 3 hour movie…’ Like ‘give me a fucking break.’ I saw how my kids sit and watch five hour-long episodes in a row,” Cameron is quoted as saying /Film.

    James also said that he would probably not direct all the films announced in the franchise – on the fourth or fifth, he is ready to give up the director’s chair to someone else.

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