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    James Cameron has denied rumors about the filming of the series about the sunken bathyscaphe “Titan”

    The author of “Titanic” James Cameron said that he was not developing a project about the bathyscaphe “Titan” and the company that produced it, OceanGate.

    “I usually don’t respond to offensive rumors on social media, but now I have to. I am not in talks for an OceanGate movie and never will be,” Cameron tweeted.

    Cameron’s involvement was first reported by the British tabloid The Sun. The article indicates that the director is in talks with a major streaming service to create a drama series based on the tragedy. One of the proposed actors could be Matt Damon.

    The dive of the submersible “Titan” to the wreckage of the “Titanic” began on June 18. Five people were on board: OceanGate founder Stockton Rush, British billionaire traveler Hamish Harding, Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleiman, and Titanic explorer Paul-Henri Narjolet.

    After some time, the team stopped communicating, and on June 22, an explosion was recorded on board the ship. Cameron noted that he was struck by the similarity of the two tragic events, the main reason for which were ignored warnings about the danger.

    The day before, OceanGate deleted all social media accounts and announced the suspension of all commercial operations. Cameron recently hinted at filming sequels to the sci-fi action movie Alita. He is also working on three new Avatars that will be released between 2025 and 2031.

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