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    It seems that after the disastrous Redfall, the Arkane Austin team is returning to creating single-player games

    After the disappointment caused by the game Redfall, Arkane Austin will apparently return to single-player games, at least according to the vacancies posted by Zenimax on behalf of the Texas development team.

    The studio is currently looking for a lead technical engineer with experience in single-player RPGs and immersive sims, a far cry from what we’ve seen in the aforementioned Redfall, which, according to Xbox’s FTC hearings, made minimal profits.

    However, work on the new Arkane Austin game only started in May, and therefore it will be a long time before we see anything new, but many hope for a third part of Dishonored.

    Redfall was expected to be one of two exclusives that would save the Xbox in 2023, but it was a complete failure on many counts.

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