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    It became known who will play Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in the film adaptation of The Last of Us

    In early June, the creators of the series based on The Last of Us announced the participation of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in the film adaptation, who gave their movements and voice to the main characters of the game. As it became known today, they will take a far from the last role in the show and will not do with a simple cameo for the fans. Ashley Johnson will play Ellie’s mother, while Troy Baker will portray David.

    The role of Ashley Johnson became known thanks to a small update of her filmography on the IMDb portal. According to the resource, the girl will play Ellie’s mother and will appear towards the end of the first season. The character Johnson will be part of the scenes from the past, which is connected with the Cicadas and still little Ellie.

    Troy Baker is given a bigger role. According to one of the insiders, he will play David – the leaders of a group of survivors who kidnap Ellie. It is expected that in the film adaptation the character will get more screen time and we will be able to see the ordinary life of people who do not disdain cannibalism.

    If you believe composer series, a film adaptation of The Last of Us could be released later this year.

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