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    It became known when the filming of “Cruella 2” will start

    A sequel to the Disney movie Cruella could begin filming as early as 2023. Paul Walter Houser, one of the actors of the tape, spoke about this in an interview with Forbes.

    “I was told that we would start filming next year. I don’t know exactly when, but Tony McNamara is writing the script right now. <…> Everything will depend on the busy schedules of Craig Gillespie (director) and Emma Stone. They are worth the wait, so as soon as they decide to start filming, I will join them, ”said Houser.

    The actor played the role of Horace, Cruella’s henchman in the film. The film described the youth of the famous Disney villainess. The heroine designed outfits for antagonist The Baroness (Emma Thompson) in 1970s London before making her own name in the fashion industry.

    Cruella grossed $233.5 million worldwide. The tape also won this year’s Academy Award for Best Costume Design.

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