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    “It all depends on Tom Cruise”: Miles Teller spoke about the third part of “Top Gun”

    Of all the hits this year, Top Gun: Maverick certainly deserves an honorable mention. The project has captivated critics, viewers and the box office, and speculation about a possible sequel is starting to grow.

    Newcomer Miles Teller recently confirmed that talk of a possible third film was already underway and emphasized that everything would depend on franchise star Tom Cruise. Of course, audiences won’t want to wait another 35 years for this year’s sequel.

    It would be great, but it all depends on Tom. I had a few conversations with him about it, but, you know, we’ll see.

    Cruz, who will receive a huge amount of money thanks to the film “Top Gun 2”, has undoubtedly been a movie star for decades. But the release of the film “Maverick” was a turning point for the actor. The film became the highest-grossing film in its history and the first film to exceed $1 billion worldwide.

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