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    Is FromSoftware preparing to announce an Armored Core game? Users noticed a hint of this

    Even though Elden Ring came out just a few months ago, Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed in a recent interview that FromSoftware is almost done with its next game. Names have not been released, but many suspect it will be Armored Core, given a leak that surfaced in January.

    The company behind the Souls series hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but a reddit user noticed a rather curious detail that seems to indicate that an Armored Core announcement is just around the corner. Googling the name FromSoftware brings up a link to a Japanese studio portal that says “armored core”. While this may not give us a definitive confirmation, there is a strong impression that a new chapter in the Mecha series is on the verge of being revealed by Miyazaki & Co.

    For now, we can only take note of this oddity on the company’s website and look forward to the upcoming announcement, which could take place during the Tokyo Game Show, GamesCom, or The Game Awards in December.

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