Is Coding Worth it in 2024?


Is Coding still worth it in 2024? (as an ex-Google programmer)

Is Coding still worth it in 2024? (as an ex-Google programmer)

The Perception of Coding in 2024

The software engineering world has shifted drastically, and as an ex-Google TechLead meets software developer, he presents a blunt perspective on whether coding is still a lucrative career path in 2024. Despite the burgeoning market of code learners, the rapid advancement of AI technology and chat GBT, the oversaturated job market, and consumer disinterest in new software products beg the question: is coding losing its worth in the digital landscape?

The Rise of AI and No Code Solutions

The ex-Google programmer emphasizes the dominance of AI and no code solutions and how they contribute to the diminishing demand for traditional software engineering skills. He believes that the widespread misperception of coding as a gateway to financial successes is a delusion, much like the college delusion that led students to pursue degrees that did not guarantee professional success.

The Fallacy of Code Influencers and Coding as a Ponzi Scheme

The narrative touches upon the misleading advice of code influencers who perpetuate the dream of coding’s financial freedom. In contrast, the ex-Google programmer argues that widely-admired skills like React programming may not provide long-term career growth due to their outdated and oversimplified nature, likening it to a Ponzi scheme. His advocacy against coding as a viable career path echoes not just a personal opinion, but a broader observation of the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Is Coding Worth it in 2024?

The Evolving Landscape of Software Engineering

With the aging paradigm of software engineering, the ex-Google programmer shifts the conversation towards the power of no code solutions and social media influencers. He points at the lucrative successes in media companies, the creator economy, and decentralized finance, suggesting that these emerging sectors offer more potential growth than traditional coding jobs.

Wrap-up and a Positive Note

Despite the grim outlook on coding as a career, the ex-Google programmer remains positive, sharing his genuine excitement about the newest tech gadget – the Keychron Q1 Max keyboard. The reassurance that despite the evolving nature of the digital era, there is always something to look forward to is a refreshing conclusion to the narrative.

The world of coding is evolving rapidly, and while its worth may be in question, the enthusiasm and vigor of tech enthusiasts remain unwavering. So, if you are considering a career in coding in 2024, keep an open mind and adaptability at the forefront because the only constant in the tech industry is change. Positive vibes all around! 🚀👩‍💻✨

Is Coding Worth it in 2024?