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    Interactive thriller IMMORTALITY is delayed. But not for long

    Half Mermaid Productions needed extra time to make sure that all the components of IMMORTALITY work as a single mechanism, so the studio decided to postpone the release. Fortunately, we are not talking about years, but only about one month. The release of the interactive thriller moved from July 26 to August 30.

    “Marissa Marcel has been working for decades, so we’re excited to take another month to make sure the project is as polished as possible,” game director Sam Barlow said in a press release. “We hope that everyone waiting for the game will understand this inevitable evil and continue to prepare to solve the most difficult mystery that I tried to answer: what happened to Marissa Marcel?”.

    IMMORTALITY will be available on Xbox Series and PC (Steam, GOG and Microsoft Store), as well as iOS and Android (Netflix Games).

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