Intel Reacts to New M1 MacBook Air


Intel Reacts to New M3 MacBook Air

Exploring Intel’s Reaction to the New M3 MacBook Air

When Apple unveiled their latest MacBook Air model featuring the powerful M3 chip, the tech world was abuzz with excitement. Meanwhile, over at Intel, a sense of curiosity and competition took hold as they got their hands on this new device – no oven mitts required.

Features and Comparisons

The Intel team had a chance to compare their latest Intel Core Ultra chips with the Apple M3, and the results were impressive. While Intel’s products have been dubbed as “Apple killer chips,” they still recognized the M3’s superiority.

One of the standout features of the new MacBook Air is its sleek design and improved Wi-Fi capabilities. The laptop’s internet speed and range have received a significant boost, making online sessions faster and more efficient.

Intel Reacts to New M1 MacBook Air

In terms of connectivity, the MacBook Air now supports two external displays, a feature that PC laptops have offered for a while. However, users must close the lid for this functionality, unlike some Intel laptops that offer dual displays upon opening.

Material and Design

Apple has maintained its signature Touch ID feature on the MacBook Air, but the device now features an anti-fingerprint coating on its case. With a range of four colors to choose from, Apple aims to cater to the aesthetic preferences of their users.

On the other hand, Intel humorously acknowledges the limited material choices for their laptops – a stark contrast to Apple’s offering of glass, car seat, and leather options.

Chip Technology and Competition

The highlight of the new MacBook Air is undoubtedly the M3 nanometer chip. While Intel acknowledges the technological advancements Apple has made with their chip, they also playfully reference the friendly competition between the two tech giants.

Intel reminisces about their historic relationship with Apple and humorously appeals to their former glory days. Despite the growing competition from AMD, Apple, and Snapdragon, Intel remains resilient, urging for a momentary truce in the tech race.

Intel Reacts to New M1 MacBook Air


In conclusion, the unveiling of the new M3 MacBook Air has sparked both excitement and friendly rivalry within the tech industry. Intel’s amusing commentary on the features and advancements of Apple’s latest device showcases a playful yet competitive dynamic between the two companies.

So, whether you’re team Intel, team Apple, or simply a tech enthusiast, there’s no denying the fun and excitement that comes with each new innovation in the world of technology. Let the friendly banter between Intel and Apple continue to push boundaries and inspire technological advancements for all! 🚀

Intel Reacts to New M1 MacBook Air