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    Intel N100 tested in games and he did it

    Gaming performance benchmarks of Intel’s new Alder-Lake-N processors are hard to come by online, as these chips only have E-cores and support for single-channel memory.

    Accordingly, we did not really expect anyone to actually consider them for gaming purposes, but this did not stop the authors from the Pandory YouTube channel from doing some gaming tests on the N100 processor model.

    Performance wasn’t great, but power efficiency was surprisingly good, with some (very light) games running at 60fps while using less than 7W of power. Alder Lake-N was announced in early 2022 as the latest version of Intel’s most energy-efficient yet low-cost SoCs.

    What makes these chips unique is that they are based entirely on Intel’s current Gracemount processor cores, which are used as efficient cores in Alder Lake and Raptor Lake hybrid processors.

    Intel’s Gracemount processor cores have proven to be surprisingly powerful, supporting L3 cache and other features, making them as powerful as Intel’s 6th-generation Skylake processor cores released in 2015, according to Intel. And it turned out that this is quite enough for the user to comfortably play modern games.

    Of course, in certain situations you will have to play with the graphics settings, but it’s still much better than many expected.

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