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    Intel Arrow Lake-S will be 21% faster than Raptor Lake-S, iGPU Xe-LPG is 2 times faster

    Igor’sLAB recently received internal documentation from Intel revealing future performance predictions Arrow Lake-S. While the platform’s launch is still a long way off, the data being discussed reveals a plethora of details that typically go unrevealed for months.

    The configuration of the 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S processor used for this comparison was chosen carefully to make the comparison as objective as possible. The predicted data is compared to the upcoming 14th generation Raptor Lake-S Refresh, which consists of 8 performance and 16 efficient cores – similar to Arrow Lake-S. One notable innovation is that PL1 and PL2 Arrow Lake can be configured to 250 W, which is 3W lower than the Raptor Lake LGA1700. However, this power difference is unlikely to result in significant performance changes.

    In this comparison, the data is normalized compared to the current flagship Core i9-13900K, which has the same configuration as Arrow Lake-S and Raptor Lake-S. Unfortunately, it’s not clear from the presentation if Arrow Lake-S has the same configuration as the Core i9-13900K, perhaps Intel has something more substantial in store with additional cores.

    A quick data analysis confirms that the 14th generation series will show performance improvements ranging from 14 % compared to current samples. Both diagrams illustrate this improvement. On the other hand, Arrow Lake-S with a completely new architecture is predicted to outperform the current lineup by 1 – 21 %, depending on the processor used.

    However, where Arrow Lake-S really shines is in its graphics capabilities. The platform will use Xe LPG based on Alchemist, equipped with up to 8 Xe cores. The data shows that the GPU performance should be 2.2 times the performance of the integrated Raptor Lake graphics. This news is of particular interest to those anticipating Intel’s entry into the portable gaming market, as well as those looking for systems without discrete GPUs.

    At the end of the teaser of the next upcoming launch. Igor’sLAB reports that the socket LGA1851 for Arrow Lake-S processors will have a different z-height, which automatically means that existing coolers may not be fully compatible without the necessary mounting kit upgrade. Whether this is actually the case will most likely be explained in more detail in the coming days when the news is confirmed.

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