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    Insiders Leaked New ASRock Motherboards

    ASRock recently found itself in a quandary when a list of upcoming AMD-600 series motherboards (X670, B650E and B650) found by VideoCardz surfaced online.

    A list of ASRock Intel H770 and Z790 motherboards prepared for the all-new Raptor Lake 13th Gen Core series has been leaked online from an unknown source. It turns out that not only Intel was in the spotlight. Several motherboard manufacturers are releasing 600 series motherboards to be ready for the new AMD Raphael Ryzen 7000 processors.

    AMD has officially unveiled its latest line of X670E motherboards, but apart from them, other manufacturers, including ASRock, have not mentioned any specific device models. The leaked list of ASRock 600 series motherboards provided by an insider includes several models, showing that we are expecting Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and a motherboard co-designed with NZXT.

    At Computex 2022, we reported that the B650E series motherboards offer more PCB layers to effectively deliver better signal transmission due to the rigid specifications of the PCIE Gen5 protocol. The Extreme X670 chipset has been officially announced right now, adding PCIe Gen5 graphics support.

    The B650E chipset is supposed to be more expensive as it supports newer Gen5 compatibility. The EXTREME B650E chipset series does offer quite a big advantage as it is designed to be future-proof for a few years. Reports also indicate that the X670 and B650 motherboards will support both memory and CPU overclocking.

    AMD did not reveal details about the X670 EXTREME motherboard and how it will benefit users looking to overclock their system.

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