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    Insider: GTA 6 will have the Caribbean, and the scale of the open world is comparable to Red Dead Redemption 2

    According to a new rumor, from a technical point of view, GTA 6 will feature several large locations that will exist separately from the main map. How informs an insider with the nickname Matheusvictorbr, in addition to the extended version of Vice City, the new Grand Theft Auto will feature the Caribbean.

    All Grand Theft Auto leaks should be treated with skepticism, but information about the Caribbean may be true. Matheusvictorbr managed to point out several accurate leaks of GTA 6, which he recently confirmed journalist Jason Schreyer.

    According to the new information, at some point during the passage of the GTA 6 story campaign, players will visit a completely new region. The location of the Caribbean Islands will be implemented in the style of the tropical island of Guarma from Red Dead Redemption 2. The insider also added that at the moment the scale of the open world of the new GTA is comparable to the size of the Red Dead Redemption sequel. The size of the open world is unlikely to change, the developers will be engaged in filling it.

    GTA 6 was officially announced in February this year. It is expected that the first trailer of the project will be released before December, and the game itself will be released in 2024.

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