Insatiable Factory-Building Fun: IGN Shapez 2 Preview


Shapez 2 Preview: A Factory-Builder Whose Hunger Is Never Satisfied

Shapez 2 Preview: A Factory-Builder Whose Hunger Is Never Satisfied

Shapez 2 is a unique game that offers a satisfying and meditative experience for players who enjoy building and optimizing complex systems. The game provides players with a simple yet challenging task that gradually increases in complexity, creating a zen-like puzzle experience. Previewed on PC by Leana Hafer, the game offers a sleek design, effective UI, and easy-to-use controls that allow players to focus on the puzzle itself.

Complexity Layered On

In Shapez 2, players start with a simple objective of building a system of conveyor belts to deliver basic shapes to a swirling anomaly in space. The game slowly introduces challenges such as cutting shapes in different ways, rotating them, and stacking them, gradually increasing the difficulty and requiring players to optimize their production lines.

Insatiable Factory-Building Fun: IGN Shapez 2 Preview

Optimization and Efficiency

The game rewards players with quantitative upgrades for achieving side objectives, such as faster conveyor belts. As players progress, they unlock the ability to extract different colors of shapes from asteroids, which adds a new layer of complexity to the game. This leads to intricate and satisfying challenges in setting up and optimizing the factory to meet the demands of the game.

Rewards and Waiting

While the lack of basic resource management means players have the freedom to experiment without fear of failure, the game’s reliance on waiting for objectives to complete can sometimes feel like a waiting game. There is no reward for completing objectives faster, leading to moments of downtime and the desire for more context and stakes in the game.

Light Resource Management

The ability to copy and paste whole sections of a factory as blueprints adds a layer of resource management, as each placement costs blueprint points. This feature offers a time-saving option, although in some cases, it may result in longer waiting times for objectives to complete.

The Meditative Experience

Despite the moments of waiting and the lack of intense gameplay modes, Shapez 2 offers a rewardingly meditative and zen experience, complemented by its positive electric-orchestral soundtrack. While the game’s sandbox-like mode may not provide high stakes or a sense of urgency, it presents an opportunity for players to unwind and go at their own pace.

Final Thoughts

Shapez 2 is a game that offers a unique blend of simplicity and complexity, providing a soothing experience for players who enjoy strategic puzzle challenges. While there may be moments of waiting and a lack of high stakes, the game’s ability to allow players to focus on creative problem-solving and optimization is a positive aspect.

Insatiable Factory-Building Fun: IGN Shapez 2 Preview

If you’re interested in trying out Shapez 2 for yourself, the demo is available to play until February 26th. For more previews of upcoming games, check out IGN’s hands-on looks at Persona 3 Reload and Mineko’s Night Market. And for everything else in the world of games, stick with IGN!

Insatiable Factory-Building Fun: IGN Shapez 2 Preview