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    Infamous Apex leaker streams upcoming season 13 content

    Apex Legends has always had issues with content leaking out to the player base early. Today, however, one leaker took things to a new level.

    The handle “AG420” will be familiar to most Apex fans. They’re a person, or group of people, responsible for leaking early gameplay footage of Storm Point before it was released, the massive leak of future characters that happened prior to season 13, and many other purported plans for future content in Apex. Today, they went on Twitch and streamed what seemed like almost all the upcoming content for season 13.

    The footage streamed included some things that players on Twitter or Reddit have most likely seen already, like upcoming event skins or new animations for Valkyrie’s heirloom. Alongside those things came other, more minute details, such as demonstrating character buffs to Lifeline and the healing radius of her D.O.C. drone. 

    Perhaps most surprisingly, there’s even footage of upcoming game modes for later this season, featuring a Control match played in Lava Siphon on World’s Edge. Respawn previously said that Control would make a return this season, but Lava Siphon would be a new map for the mode. AG420 also played through a game of Armed and Dangerous, another returning LTM that was previously leaked to be coming sometime this season.

    While very little “new” information was streamed, considering that different accounts had already leaked so much unreleased content, what’s more surprising is that AG420 felt perfectly comfortable streaming some internal build of the game where all this content is unlocked and available to play. Usually, Apex leaks come via watermarked screengrabs and video clips that appear to be recorded or taken from an original source. This stream, however, is clearly a person playing the game in real-time since they responded to requests from chat to show off certain aspects of new skins and gameplay.

    This is a bold step for the leaker and another headache for Respawn to deal with. With the game as popular as ever and extensive plans for new characters and maps, Respawn will need to figure out how to slow the flow of leaks.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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