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    Inevitably, the cat from Stray has been modded into Doom

    Feline phenomenon Stray (opens in new tab) has already whipped up the modding community into a frenzy, with modders replacing the game’s leading kitty with everything from their own cats (opens in new tab) to Garfield (opens in new tab)to CJ (opens in new tab)from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But now, Stray’s purr-fect protagonist is appearing in other games, starting with id’s iconic FPS Doom.

    Yes, Stray Doom (opens in new tab) lets you rip ‘n’ claw your way through Doom as everyone favourite virtual feline. The mod switches the game’s perspective to third-person, and replaces DoomGuy with the ginger tabby from BlueTwelve Studios’ sensationally popular 3D platformer.

    The mod seems primarily based around Doom’s control, although the cat can do some cat things, like lie-down in the middle of an active demon warzone (which is Maximum Cat). As for how the cat does battle with Doom’s demonic hordes, well, Stray Doom apparently uses a floating version of the backpack from Stray, which follows the cat around and can blast any nearby foes into cat-food. This also means you cute wee kitty pal isn’t directly doing the killing, although let’s face it, cats would 100% murder things with guns if they could.

    To get the mod working, you’ll need to download GZDoom 4.7.1 (opens in new tab) or higher, and also have the original wads from either Doom or Doom 2 (depending on which you want to play). You can download Stray Doom itself over on ModDB (opens in new tab). If you want to know what the fuss is over a virtual cat, you can check out Jon Bailes’ review of Stray here (opens in new tab).

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