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    In the famous Asian store Play-Asia noticed SaGa Frontier 2 for PlayStation 4 and Switch

    Renowned store Play-Asia has listed the remastered SaGa Frontier 2 in the list of games for PlayStation 4 and Switch.

    The PlayStation 4 and Switch re-release, which is currently unannounced, is listed with an expected release date of August 25th. The versions listed are for the Asia region, but include English language support.

    SaGa Frontier 2 was first released for the PlayStation on April 1, 1999 in Japan, followed by January 31, 2000 in North America and March 22, 2000 in Europe.

    A remastered version of the original SaGa Frontier – SaGa Frontier Remastered – was released for PlayStation 4, Switch, PC via Steam, iOS and Android on April 15, 2021.

    SaGa Frontier 2 represents a complete update of the RPG genre. Mixing freedom and linearity, the game uses a multi-scenario system, giving players unprecedented freedom to choose their scenario while other scenarios overlap with each other. Complementing this feature are three innovative battle modes: Duel, Team and Strategic. Depending on the chosen model, the player can control an individual character, a team or several units that will fight in battles, which brings depth and precision to the fighting.

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