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    Hello everyone!

    In this short version of our Design Insights article series, we’re pleased to present you an overview of the latest updates we’ve made to one of Nutaku’s most important pages: the redesign game menu (or “Games” for short) page.

    Those with an eye for detail may have noticed that this page has undergone some small changes over the past few weeks, but we recently released a large update with many small changes that we believe will lead to even better looking Play new games with the best user experience!

    Find the right game for you with Nutaku

    find the game you want to play

    We mentioned briefly at the beginning of this article that we consider the game catalog page to be one of the most important pages on Nutaku. The reason for this is twofold: not only does it host all of the games we have available on the platform in one place (and we have a lot of them!), but it also hosts a variety of games that can be used to browse through them more easily.

    Not only do we already have a fairly large library, but frequent new releases make this library bigger and bigger. Whenever you’re dealing with a large and ever-expanding library of projects, things can easily get out of hand very quickly. This makes it all the more important to ensure that existing tools support users properly and make their lives easier when accessing pages such as game catalogs.

    Essentially, all of this translates to one very simple goal: we need to help you find the games you want to play.

    Make filters more intuitive

    One of the main goals of our redesign was to improve our filter design. Filters are an important aspect of any directory, as they are often frequently used elements when users want to quickly narrow down content when looking for something specific. What matters is that filters not only filter content well, but that users can reliably find them and consume them with minimal effort.

    Updated Nutaku game directory filtering system

    To achieve this, we’ve changed the way some filters are displayed, such as the one above the first line of the game. These filters, which we refer to internally as “Top Filters”, provide access to general categories such as “New Releases” and “Coming Soon”. While most interactions will continue to remain the same, we are modernizing the design of this part to improve its visibility and make it easier to understand which filters are currently active. We’ve also updated this section to make it scrollable, which gives us the flexibility to explore more filter options, while also being able to support any screen size, so users are accessing Nutaku from a PC or a mobile phone.

    Another filter that will get a major update is the “Pricing” filter in the left menu. Currently, this filter works through an interactive slider that allows you to drag and drop minimum and maximum price points as you see fit. While sliders are a fairly intuitive way to represent ranges, the interaction for setting each value is a bit tedious, requiring multiple page refreshes. We’ve now replaced the slider with a list of price ranges that can be selected with a single click, and added the option for users to enter a custom range if they’re looking for a more specific price.

    What does this label mean?

    Nutaku’s database contains a large number of genres and tags that can be used to filter games. While this is a great way to find specific content, it requires users to understand what the tags actually mean in order to reach their full potential.

    Text description of the tags used in the Nutaku game catalog

    While many labels and types are fairly simple (such as “big breasts”), some are derived from Japanese words or expressions that may not be familiar to all users (such as “tsundere”), or may be somewhat ambiguous.

    To improve the clarity of these elements, we now include short explanations of what they mean when they are selected individually. These explanations are shown near the top filter area and should provide some guidance on culture and common elements in our game.

    Extended filter combinations

    We’ve also changed how some filters are enabled to allow more flexibility in different use cases so you have more control and require less work to explore.

    You can now select multiple criteria from some filter categories

    Some filters, such as “Language” and “Operating System,” initially only allowed one option to be selected via a drop-down menu. While being able to choose just one option is good enough for people who have stricter requirements for the games they can play, it’s also good for those who have more flexible requirements, such as people who want to see all the games that can be played , which is unnecessary effort. Play on PC and Android.

    We’ve changed these filters so users can now select a combination of filter options to search for games that match either category. Not only does this make fewer steps need to be taken than before, but all results can be seen from one results page instead of two separate pages, making it easier for users to better understand all the games available to them.


    In addition to what we’ve highlighted in this article, we’ve made a number of other changes to the overall experience of this page: from small design tweaks to more search options for filters. However, we’ll leave these up to you to discover for yourself.

    We hope you’re excited to see these changes live, and that it makes browsing Nutaku even better while you’re looking for games. We also hope it helps you find hidden gems you may not have seen before, so you have fun.

    As always, if you have any feedback about any experience with Nutaku, please feel free to let us know by sending us a message on any of our social media!

    Best Anime Games and Hentai Games

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