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Enshrouded Early Access Review

Enshrouded: A Fantasy World Full of Danger

Enshrouded, an action RPG survival sim, offers a captivating and visually stunning world filled with limitless possibilities for adventurers. With a vast open world, intelligent crafting systems, and unique base building, players can spend hours lost in its rustic fantasy charm.

The Quest and The Shroud

In Enshrouded, players are dropped into the expansive world of Ember Vil, covered by a mysterious fungal shroud. The game does not follow a traditional critical path, allowing players to set off on their own adventure. Upgrading the flame alter, which keeps your character alive within the lethal shroud, becomes essential for survival and exploration.

Building and Exploration

Building structures, crafting unique furnishings, and setting up your own crafting stations are made easy in Enshrouded. The game excels in how it seamlessly integrates base-building with an open world, providing a sense of freedom and creativity for players. The discovery of lore, hidden treasure, and challenging opponents across different biomes adds depth to the exploration experience.

IGN’s Sneaky Early Access Review

Combat and Challenges

While combat and movement systems in Enshrouded could use some fine-tuning, the game offers a decently sized bestiary and a sophisticated skill tree system to keep players engaged. However, the game’s puzzles and challenges, which involve basic traps and switch flipping, are lackluster and mundane.

Visuals, Hardware, and Patience

Enshrouded’s art style is visually captivating, but its performance can vary on different hardware. The game offers a diverse and interesting set of moves and skills, but the crafting and resource system may require a substantial amount of patience to set up.

The Verdict: A Smooth, Engaging Journey

Enshrouded is likely to be a hit for players who enjoy crafting, base-building, and RPG elements within a fantasy world. Despite its flaws, the game offers a smooth and engaging 62-hour journey through visually breathtaking areas. For those who prefer an adventure with endless possibilities, Enshrouded is a game worth exploring.

Positive ending: Dive into the world of Enshrouded and embark on an adventure filled with mystery, danger, and creativity!

IGN’s Sneaky Early Access Review