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    IGN reveals 28 Gotham Knights superhero costumes

    Gotham Knights will include a variety of superhero costumes for your characters. From classic cartoon-inspired costumes to a set designed by a true comic book legend, WB Games Montréal drew on DC’s rich history but created some really new ideas for how Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood might look in their costumes. .

    It’s important to understand that Gotham Knights makes a distinction between costume styles (costumes that come with cosmetic and stat changes) and transmogs (costumes that are purely cosmetic and applied like skins). Gotham Knights will have 11 different costume sets at launch, for a total of 44 individual costumes (not counting transmogs). The WB has confirmed that there will be no microtransactions in the game, although the “Beyond” and “KnightWatch” sets are currently tied to the game’s Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

    The key to the philosophy behind all of these sets is that while elements of their appearance are customizable, you can’t mix and match elements from different costumes.

    “Player expression is very important to us,” explains creative director Patrick Redding, “but we wanted to make sure we could use it in a way that provided a certain degree of clarity and unity in the look and feel of all these different costumes and costume styles.”

    “We wanted to have the freedom to create costume styles that were so different from each other that they each had their own really strong personality,” continued game director Jeff Ellenor. “And for that, we wanted to make sure you always look cool. You don’t want the Red Hood to look sketchy because you made the wrong fashion choice. Red Cap should always be cool. We ended up having artists from Germany, France, Korea, Japan, the US who contributed to the ideas for these costume styles.”

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