IGN Cash Out: John Travolta’s Wild Ride!


Cash Out - Official Trailer (2024) John Travolta, Kristin Davis

Cash Out – A Thrilling Heist Movie Starring John Travolta and Kristin Davis

A High-Stakes Heist

In the upcoming movie “Cash Out,” John Travolta plays Mason, the leader of a skilled group of thieves who attempt one last job after being forced out of retirement. When Mason’s brother, Shawn, presents a risky plan to rob a bank, Mason is lured back into the world of crime, enticed by the possibility of a massive payout.

A Race Against Time

However, the heist quickly goes awry, leaving the thieves trapped inside the bank with hostages as law enforcement agencies close in. Among the officials surrounding the bank is Kristin Davis’s character, Decker, who also happens to be Mason’s former lover. As tensions rise and the situation grows increasingly dangerous, the crew must navigate a treacherous game of cat and mouse to survive.

“Cash Out” promises to deliver heart-pounding action, suspense, and surprises as Mason and his team face off against both the authorities and ruthless criminals in a battle for survival.

IGN Cash Out: John Travolta’s Wild Ride!

Don’t miss John Travolta and Kristin Davis in this electrifying thriller, hitting theaters, digital platforms, and on-demand services on April 26, 2024!

Positive note: Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride with “Cash Out” that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

IGN Cash Out: John Travolta’s Wild Ride!