Identity Crisis: Ricky Stanicky Trailer


Ricky Stanicky - Official Trailer (2024) John Cena, Zac Efron

The Prank that Changed Everything: Ricky Stanicky Official Trailer

A Decades-Long Lie Unravels

The movie revolves around a childhood prank gone wrong and a lie that has spanned decades. When three best friends pull a prank, they invent the character of Ricky Stanicky to evade punishment. Fast-forward twenty years later and the nonexistent Ricky is still being used as a cover for their immaturity. However, when their partners get suspicious and demand to meet the fabled Mr. Stanicky, the trio decided to hire actor “Rock Hard” Rod, played by John Cena, to bring the character to life. Little do they know, Rod takes his role a bit too far, leading to hilarious consequences.

Premiere Date and Distribution

Ricky Stanicky is set to premiere globally on Prime Video on March 7, 2024, much to the anticipation and excitement of audiences worldwide.

Identity Crisis: Ricky Stanicky Trailer

Impact and Hilarity Ensue

By blending comedy, drama, and a touch of absurdity, Ricky Stanicky promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. The movie brings together an ensemble cast and a unique plot to keep viewers engaged and entertained. Get ready to dive into this rollercoaster of laughs and lessons come spring of 2024!

For those eager to witness the hilarity ensue in Ricky Stanicky, the global premiere on Prime Video is right around the corner. Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a wild and uproarious adventure like no other.

Identity Crisis: Ricky Stanicky Trailer