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    Iconic Winamp returns to Android and iOS

    The legendary music player Winamp has been re-released on mobile platforms. Apps for Android and iOS became available in closed beta testing with a limited number of seats.

    The old Winamp app, focused on offline music, was removed from the stores many years ago. The developers worked on the reboot behind the scenes and announced their return to smartphones in early July.

    Android Police notes that one of the interesting features of Winamp is Fanzone, a space for independent artists to not only interact with the public and sell products directly, but also host song libraries for streaming. Fans will be able to pay $1 per month to each artist individually to stream their music.

    Users will also be able to create mixed playlists. In them, their local tracks will be combined with the music of the artists they are signed to. In addition, the developers promise access to podcasts, radio stations and even audio books. We are waiting for a full release of the application.

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