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    Hunt: Showdown leaderboard will be retired in update 1.9

    Hunt: Showdown will lose its leaderboard with the release of update 1.9. The developers say they will come back to it to come up with a “better solution”.

    Leaderboards are an important part of Hunt: Showdown, but we felt the current leaderboard didn’t live up to its original intent, which was to be able to see the really best hunters in the swamps at any time. This was partly due to the use of exploits by some players in the past, and partly due to the focus exclusively on KD in the game for others.

    Crytek says that community feedback influenced the decision to retire the leaderboards with the 1.9 update, and that a new version can be expected at some point in the future, but the developers have no specific timeline for when the updated version of the leaderboard will be added back to Hunt.

    The studio notes that all information about your achievements, which was recorded in the game at the moment, will continue to be available in your profile.

    As seen on PlayGround

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