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    Hotel in Amsterdam may sue the creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because of the appearance in the game

    Amsterdam is very accurately recreated in the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but such meticulousness can bring developers to court: five-star hotel management conservatorium dissatisfied with the appearance of the building in the center of the carnage. Despite the fact that in the game the building bears the name Breenberghthere are no other differences between the hotels.

    We noticed that the hotel conservatorium became the location of the new Call of Duty without our desire. In general terms, we do not support games that promote violence. This game in no way reflects our core values ​​and we regret our obvious and unwelcome involvement in it,” says hotel manager Roy Thomassen.

    The hotel management is still deciding what next steps should be taken, but at the moment no action, including filing a lawsuit, has been taken. Hotel conservatorium appears both in the single-player campaign as part of a mission, and in multiplayer as a separate map for team fights. Internal design Breenbergh confirms that the location is based on the building of the Amsterdam hotel built in the 19th century. Since architecture is protected by copyright under the laws of Europe and the Netherlands, litigation no longer seems distant and vague.

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