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    Horror shooter Betrayer from the authors of FEAR is available for free on GOG

    Today GOG has a new game available for free for all users. This is Betrayer, a first-person horror adventure released in 2014 that you can now permanently add to your library. Two years ago, the game was removed from sale on Steam.

    You can pick up Betrayer on GOG here. The promotion does not expire: the game was re-released in the store today and will remain free indefinitely. You can also pick up the game in Russia.

    Betrayer is a black-and-white first-person adventure set in the New World at the beginning of the 17th century. Having set sail from England with the prospect of joining a colony on the coast of Virginia, the hero of the game instead of a prosperous community finds himself in a deserted wasteland, where silence reigns and creepy creatures live.

    Our task is to survive and explore this ill-fated settlement in order to find out what happened and how to restore peace and order. To do this, we will have to use stealth mechanics and an arsenal of muskets, bows, crossbows and tomahawks.

    The game was developed by a team led by creative director Craig Hubbard, who led the creation of FEAR.

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