Hololive Clip: Aussie English Breaks Bae


Miko & Kaela's Aussie English Completely BROKE Bae...

Miko & Kaela’s Aussie English Completely BROKE Bae…

The Telephone Game

During the recent ≪BAE-CADEMY≫ stream, a hilarious moment unfolded as members of hololive participated in a Telephone Game featuring HoloEN, HoloID, and HoloJP talents. The game showcased the difficulties in understanding Aussie English accents, particularly for Baelz.

Language Barrier Fun

The game involved repeating a phrase whispered by the previous person, and the outcome was both entertaining and chaotic. The phrase “Good day mate have a nice Brey” morphed into various versions, with hilarious misunderstandings along the way. The sheer confusion and laughter it brought surely entertained the audience.

Participant Channels

Each participant brought their unique energy and style to the game, making the stream thoroughly enjoyable for their fans and viewers.

Hololive Clip: Aussie English Breaks Bae

Overall, the ≪BAE-CADEMY≫ Telephone Game was a delightful experience that showcased the charm and humor of the hololive talents. The language barriers and misunderstandings only added to the fun, bringing laughter and joy to the audience. It’s moments like these that make the VTuber community such a wonderful and entertaining place to be!

Hololive Clip: Aussie English Breaks Bae