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    Hindsight releases August 4th

    Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Team Hindsight have announced that the story-driven exploration adventure game Hindsight will launch for Switch, PC via Steam, and iOS via the App Store on August 4th.

    What if ordinary objects, things so dear to us, are real windows into the past? Look into old memories and an unknown future in Hindsight.

    Hindsight from the creator of Prune is a story-driven exploration game about a woman trying to make sense of her entire life from birth to now. Return to her childhood home, sort through personal belongings and, as if through windows, look into memories frozen in time.

    Hindsight invites you to stop and look at the little things that make up life. Gather these little things together and look at them from different angles until the right look takes you to the depths of the past.

    Long forgotten memories and dreams will begin to stack with each other. Wander among them as long as you wish, but sooner or later you will have to return to the present.

    What will you take with you? And what will you leave behind?

    As seen on PlayGround

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