: “Hero Hei Exposes Corruption in Anime and Gaming”


Terrible news for corrupt people in Anime and Gaming

AI Redubbing in the Localization Industry

Hero Hei recently revealed an intriguing situation where an AI was used to redub the infamous Dragon Maid patriarchy scene. The original content in question was dubbed by Jamie Mar, sparking backlash for changing the line to highlight her own political rhetoric, resulting in copyright issues. The community has shared a consistent disdain for the continued corruption within the localization industry, prompting interest in AI solutions instead.

Background on Localization Corruption

Hospitalizing those unacquainted with the long-standing issue, Hero Hei acknowledged the extensive corruption in the localization industry. The corruption has irked numerous anime and gaming enthusiasts, leading them to call out the individuals responsible for the malpractices. Despite the overwhelming response, the accused parties have either denied or doubled down on the allegations, evoking further frustration from the anime and gaming communities.

The AI Redub of ‘Dragon Maid’

The AI-created redub takes the Japanese context into account and holds credibility in contrast to the controversial rephrasing. Additionally, additional commentary disparaging English voice actors was included by the AI prompt pirate, causing further discomfort within the community. This gesture reflects the disposition towards the English dub and localization sectors, highlighting the unfortunate inclusion of innocent parties in the situation.

: “Hero Hei Exposes Corruption in Anime and Gaming”

Impact of AI and the Way Forward

Adjusting to the idea of AI taking over these responsibilities, fans express a preference for technology over human encroachment on intellectual property and fan base. The vocal corners of the localization industry need to fight against the corruption and stand up for the fans to earn their trust back. With Japanese companies also venturing into AI technology, the future of localization and dubbing appears to be heading in an innovative direction.

Community Feedback and Conclusion

The community’s response to the redubbing conveys a desire for ethical practices in the localization and dubbing industry. Despite AI’s limitations, its use is preferable to the exploitation of intellectual property by the few corrupt individuals. As AI technology advances, it will be interesting to observe its growing influence in the industry.

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: “Hero Hei Exposes Corruption in Anime and Gaming”