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    Harley Quinn Season 3 Launches on HBO Max

    After a two year wait, the third season of Harley Quinn has finally begun! The first three episodes of the animated show’s new season are already airing on HBO Max, and see Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) begin their new romance with the “Eat, Bang, Kill Tour.”

    The plot of the new episodes begins two weeks after the end of the second season and includes some funny cameos: James Gunn as himself and Harvey Gillen as Nightwing.

    The show will have 10 episodes in total, with the last one airing on September 15th. A little earlier, the names of all the series were already revealed:

    1. “Harleyvy”
    2. “Ivy Isn’t on the Team”
    3. “83rd Annual Villains Awards”
    4. “thief, mole, orgy”
    5. “It’s like Swamp Thing”
    6. “Joker: Killer Vote”
    7. “Sharkley’s Another Adventure”
    8. “Batman Begins Forever”
    9. “Climax in Zazzapagizze”
    10. “Horse and Sparrow”.

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